The total area of protected ground is 7 hectares

The greenhouse complex “Uspensky” is located 60 km from the city of Orel, the name of which is patriotically embedded in the brand of our products, if you read it the other way around — LERO.

Founded in 2019, the plant is a modern high-tech and dynamically developing enterprise, a reliable partner and a major supplier of vegetables. All year round, our company produces over 3.5 thousand tons of environmentally friendly products, including cucumbers and tomatoes. Thanks to the variety tests carried out, only the best vegetable hybrids get into production.

High production efficiency and stable product quality are ensured through automated systems, computerized control of the dynamics of growth and condition of plants.

Construction of the Uspensky
Greenhouse Complex

The equipment check was performed, as well as fine-tuning of the greenhouse operation systems
In 2019, Ecoproduct LLC completed the construction of the first stage of the greenhouse complex with the area of 7 hectares. With a large team, we are working on the construction of a new stage, the area of which will be 5 hectares.
After completion of the work, over 100 new jobs are expected to be created.
Ecoproduct has a lot of new technologies and is able to adapt to them.

Power Center

To provide the greenhouse complex with electric and thermal energy, a power center was built and put into operation.

The power center is a free-standing building, in which 5 generating units and auxiliary systems are located.

Electric energy is used for the assimilation supplementary lighting of greenhouses and the needs of the complex, and thermal energy is used to maintain the microclimate.

In 2019, at the VII International Award «Small Power — Great Achievements», the project of our power center was awarded in the nomination «Best small power project with capacity over 5 MW».
The power center will allow the greenhouse complex to reduce the cost of electric and thermal energy needed to ensure the technological process of vegetable production.

Our technology



A natural means of combating
pests and parasites

To protect plants, we use entomophages. With a focus on natural struggle for survival, entomophages are placed next to insects undesirable for cultivated plants, so pests are destroyed by other insects that do not harm cultivated plants.

Entomophages are friends of any agronomist, thanks to them the use of insecticides comes to naught, which makes vegetables environmentally friendly and healthy. Modern biological products are used to fight diseases.

We use bumblebees for natural pollination of vegetable crops. Bumblebees help to increase yield and product quality. Today, these tireless workers and assistants are well known in almost every greenhouse.

Watering and nutrition

These are some of the main components of a high yield and plant health

The plants grow on a mineral wool substrate, where a balanced nutrient solution is supplied to each plant through a system of microtubules and droppers.

For the proper operation of the irrigation system, the agronomist uses scales that measure the volume of the solution supplied to the plant, determine such indicators as: the weight of the mat, the moisture content of the mat, the Ec and pH of the nutrient solution. Our enterprise uses fertilizers that do not contain any substances harmful for human health.

The laboratory selects the exact ratio of nutrients for plants in each period of plant development. Thus, it is possible to optimize resources and produce a balanced nutrient solution to obtain a healthy plant and a high yield. All these data plus visual inspection help the agronomist to correctly build a watering strategy, balance and direct correct development of the plant.

Low-volume technology

Artificial media and substrates

Our crops are grown without soil
using nutrient solutions
In this case, the plant receives all the necessary nutrients from the solution in the right quantities and exact proportions. When using low-volume technology, greenhouse crops are grown without soil, on artificial media (substrates) using nutrient solutions. In this case, the plant receives all the necessary nutrients from the solution in the right quantities and exact proportions.

Advantages of cultivation without soil

  • The use of any agricultural machinery and agrotechnical elements is excluded
  • There is no need for strict alternation of crops and protection of plants from weeds
  • It helps abandon the use of chemical protection against pests and diseases

The seedling department is used for germination of seeds and further growth of seedlings to the stage of planting into blocks.

In the seedling department, lamps with the capacity of 11 kLx and a system of mobile tables are used, which significantly reduces labor costs for seedlings growing.


Our enterprise has 2 greenhouse units, unit No. 1 with the area of 1.6 hectares, unit No. 2 with the area of 4.2 hectares. All vegetable crops can be grown in the units, we settled at growing tomatoes and cucumbers. Both units are equipped with a supplementary lighting system, which allows to grow vegetables all year round. The ventilation system allows to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse. Plants are grown on hanging trays. To equalize the temperature fields, the greenhouse is equipped with horizontal fans.


The operator's room is located in the service area – this is the control center of the greenhouse, operators control all the processes taking place in it. The product acceptance area is where fresh products are weighed, checked for quality and grade.

Medium temperature storage chamber for cucumbers. Warehouse of agricultural materials. The discharge area is also in the service room.


The path of water

  • Water goes through three-level purification
  • Water is fed into a mixer, where it is mixed with fertilizers A large number of sensors in the irrigation system enable constant monitoring of the amount of fertilizers supplied to the unit, thus obtaining a balanced solution for the plants
  • Nutrient solution is delivered to each plant through tubes

The solution node is a room where there are containers with borehole water, water purification systems, containers for preparation and storage of the nutrient solution and equipment for watering plants.

This irrigation system makes it possible to supply a balanced solution to the unit and control the amount of this nutrient solution. This precise system ensures proper allocation of water resources and great yield of high-quality vegetables.

Live broadcast

We grow vegetables in an open and transparent manner

Work on an eco-farm

If you want to join our team and contribute to the success of vegetable production, we are always in search of new talents.

We value active, purposeful people with and without work experience. We train them and value no less than our customers. Work and develop with us.

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