On the power of automation and good in the process of tomato growth

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According to scientific nutrition standards, a person should consume 130 … 150 kg of vegetables and 120 kg of potatoes evenly throughout the year. However, harsh climatic conditions do not allow growing vegetables in the open ground all year round, so about 25% of their total amount has to be grown in protected ground structures (heated ground, greenhouses, etc.).

The automation of greenhouses is based on microclimate management. The most important parameters of the microclimate playing a significant role in the growth of plants are: lighting, temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and air velocity. To put it simply, today there is everything for growing crops in protected ground, from high-end equipment to computerized systems. But! The most important thing is still only the love of plants.

Humanity is not used to considering the plant world as a civilization of living beings. Perhaps it’s time to rethink our attitude to plants. Observing nature, scientists have come to the conclusion that plants have the ability to show emotions and such purely human feelings as love, pain, fear are inherent in them. It is the caring hands of our employees and kindness that allow us to get a high yield. We are positive of this!

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