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The subdivision of the Dutch holding in Russia Rijk Zwaan Rus LLC, which occupies a leading position in the global selection of vegetable crops, regularly conducts educational work, organizes mass thematic events – agro-exhibitions, seminars, holidays.

On May 31, 2022, Rijk Zwaan Rus LLC held a seminar in Moscow on the topic “Actual issues of greenhouse cultivation technology”, which discussed topical issues related to the state, trends in the development of protected soil, growing hybrids and new varieties green crops, as well as government support measures and trends in the development of the greenhouse industry in Russia. Since the introduction of covid restrictions, this is the first seminar that was primarily created for live communication and exchange of experience. The event was attended by about 180 agronomists from agro-industrial holdings and greenhouse complexes from different regions of Russia, dealing with different crops and hybrids. Representatives of the Greenhouse Complex of EcoProduct LLC, represented by the Chief Agronomist and Leading Agronomists in the areas of irrigation, nutrition and plant protection, took an active part in the event, where our Greenhouse Complex was awarded for the successful cultivation of Hibachi F1 pink tomato.

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